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We would really like to get O365 Groups exposed in Outlook for Mac as it is in Outlook for Windows. The lack of this feature makes deployment of Groups much more difficult in the executive levels of our company. (Keep in mind, without executive buy in, driving technology change is much harder).

  1. Any idea on timeline yet?
  2. Can we at least get an icon in Outlook for Mac's toolbar that launches the browers to the OWA page to ease the pain?
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There is nothing in the roadmap about Groups in Outlook for MAC...maybe @Christophe Fiessinger can tell us if this is something that we will have in the future

Our Team is working on bringing Groups into Outlook Mac client. At this point it is hard to give a more concrete timeline. We will provide an update on timeline through our roadmap in couple of Months.
yes we plan support Groups in Outlook for Mac in the future but do not have a date to share at this stage (fyi @Amit Gupta )

There should be a Mac Office section in these forums, rahter than having all the Mac topics spread throughout... just my .02.  It was very helpful in the yammer-based community.





so we're a couple of months further. No info about Groups in Outlook for Mac on the roadmap.

I hard to "sell" if a neat feature isn't availble on all clients. 


In this blog post "Christie" mentions in the comment that it's on the roadmap for this year. 

We are actively working on it. It is currently in Internal Dogfood stage and we will be opening it for Mac insider ring in Jan/Feb timeframe. As for public release it is still few months away. We will add this on our Public roadmap in new year.
If you have a customer blocking usage of Groups because of MAC, we would like to engage early and may be bring them into early adopter if they are willing. Let us know. Thanks.
Hi Amit, thanks for the update.

I think the customer want to be part of the early adaption option. I will check with them tomorrow. If you can let me know which info you need ✌🏼
I have a customer of 45 Macs that would be interested in getting this preview for Groups in Outlook for Mac. Also I would be interested in testing this out internally in my office.

We've noticed that you can set up an Office Group on a Mac for calendars, but I don't think it works for Mail. Use the "Open Shared Calendar" option and enter the name of the Group, and the second Groups calendar is displayed next to your own. 

Just a quick update: Supporting groups in Outlook for Mac is now on our roadmap:

If you are in Mac Insider program, you should be geting the Outlook Mac build with Groups in a week or two. Feel free to drop me an email at if you have set of users/customers waiting for it. We would like to get connected to get early feedback as we continue to iterate before going world wide.

I think an issue here is that the current Mac client is based on EWS (Exchange Web Services). Groups are not supported by EWS, so some work is required to enable Groups using another protocol (the Graph API perhaps). I bet there's some delay caused here.
Still not seeing it in the Insider Fast build. Anxiously waiting. There isn't a MacOS Groups app similar to the IOS one is there?

Any update here Amit? Nearing the end of Feb and its still not here on the fast insider track?

Starting today, Office 365 Groups in Outlook for Mac will be rolling out gradually to Insider Fast over the new few days! With the first update, you can view your top 10 groups in the folder pane and read/compose/reply to group conversations. We are continually adding new capabilities, and you will see them in future updates.


We’ve also created a group where people can ask questions and share feedback on the early bits of Groups on Mac Outlook. Please little r me with your email address if you want to join the group.



I would love to get this rolled out to my Mac users asap. I dont think we are part of the Insider Fast Track group.  I do have early access on our Office 365 account. How do I get this added?

Excellent. Thankyou Maria

To join Insider Fast program, open any Office 2016 for Mac application, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, or Outlook. On the Help menu, select Check for Updates. Select the check box to Join the Office Insider program, and then choose Insider Fast from the menu. 


For more info, please refer to this site:


Just to reemphasize, we're rolling this out to Insider Fast and not at 100% yet. Hope to get there on the coming days. So some will start seeing this feature enabled in their app while others won't even though they have the same builds.



About how long after enable the Fast ring till groups should show up?