New Office 365 Groups activity report


As announced today in this post by @Anne Michels:

The Office 365 Groups activity report helps you understand how groups facilitate collaboration across your organization by surfacing information about which groups are active, how many members and guests they have, and how they are being used. The report is currently based on email activity and will be enhanced by other group activities in the future, including SharePoint Group Sites and Yammer Groups.

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Christophe, is it deployed? Found no such report (i'm on FR).

From the very bottom of the post:
Please note: the features mentioned in this blog post have started to roll out. If they are not available yet in your region, for your subscription, or for your organization, please check back in a few weeks!

hence please be patient, should hit FR very soon
Thank you!
Not seeing the new report in at least two of my tenants
As usual now if new functionality announced in reality it means only the go-ahead for deployment. When we will see it - who knows. In this case "few weeks" are promised. See Christophe comment before in this conversation.

Just appeared in my First Release tenant so rolling out as we speak:


Perhaps i'm in wrong region. Month ago support moved me on another servers fixing some bugs in configuration. Before that i usually had new functionality earlier than other FR people i know. Now it's opposite situation. Sorry for off-topic.

That's going to be useful. I see the graphic inside the post shows Group name and Group owner as GUIDs rather than names. Can we assume this is just an early screenshot and GUIDs will be resolved to names? If a Group has multiple owners, will more than one be listed in the usage report?
It does display the Group name. It currently list only one owner and we are looking at improving that

Three Quick Questions:

1) What is the explanation whenever the data in column "TYPE" is blank ?


2) What is considered as "Item count" ?

  documents in SPO + documents in shared mailbox + converation threds of teams, etc..etc


last but not least, is the activity (last activity data) checked against all applications where this group is used ? --> SPO, EXO, Power BI, MS Teams, Yammer, ...

thank you






Hi Stefan,

Only EXO activities are checked to show last activity data in this report. Similarly item count is the same item count that is returned by Get-MailboxStatistics cmdlet for the group mailbox in EXO.

Type would be blank if the group is deleted but there are few other cases when group data is not available and we are working to cover them.


Thank you Amit!


Are there any plans to extend this in order to include all the other areas ?

In my opinion a O365Group Activity Report should cover all activities across all Applications (incl. Document counts).


If a Group is mainly used in SPO (and not EXO) then one would see in the current report this group with  "no activity".


It would be really great to see for all other Reports an explanation for each column (what is counted, included) --> currently this information is not available on Graph API webpage :(