Migrating Distribution Lists to Outlook Groups


So I know there is an automated way to migrate traditional DLs to Outlook Groups but they come with some eligibility requirement. I was hoping if someone can point me to, or share their experience of moving/migrating/converting Nested DLs to Outlook Groups. 


Even if there may not be any easy/automated/scripted way to do this, but I would love to know how can an organization move their DLs to Outlook Groups? If you have tried/tested it, then what was your approach? How did you go about it? Any Dos & Donts?



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My recommendation is to avoid doing this type of migration just for the sake of it. Distribution groups are still a viable solution and as long as they do the task you should stick with them.


If you need some of the additional functionalities Groups offer, sure, go for the migration. You can use PowerShell to script the nested DGs scenario, but due to the limitations of Groups, you will have to "flatten" the membership. Also, remember that Groups are not a security principal, you cannot use them to assign permissions. Well, neither are DGs, but I imagine you probably have some mail-enabled security groups in the mix.

Completely agree, @Vasil Michev. Good points about security groups etc. Thanks for sharing.

Very useful, @Christophe Fiessinger. Thanks for sharing.