Is it possible to trigger a group message on behalf of the group vs. individual team member?

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I have two scenarios:

  • Communications Team - wants to use groups for sending messages on behalf of the comms team vs. individual team member.
  • HR Talent Development Orientation - is considering using groups for new hire training messages and also want the "From: GRPxxx" to reflect in message.

Is this a possibility? If so, can the group owner to swith this on? If not, can this feature be added in the near future?

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This is possible because you can grant SendAs permission to the group mailbox in the same way as you can grant it to a normal mailbox. After that, it's a matter of selecting the group mailbox as the sender in Outlook or OWA and the right name will be stamped into the message header.


There's even a support article on the topic:

This is exactly what I was looking for! I thought I had seen this somewher. Thanks for the quick reply! @Tony Redmond