How to make all new Groups have the correct regional language settings and timezone

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Each time we create a Group we then have to go to the Sharepoint site and change the language and timezone under Site Settings > Regional Settings.


Is there a way to default these settings for new Groups?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I saw that scripting approach which will be helpful in the absence of default settings.


Hopefully they are working on it for future releases.

I hope this is fixed real soon. I suspect that when the company I do some support for setup their Office 365 system, they said it was in the USA and didn't change to UK. Everything is in USA format by default including the old style sites which is a right nightmare.


In fact, Office 365 when it comes to regional settings is broken IMO. There shouldn't be regional settings per anything - it should use the users regional settings across the board. You can change you regional settings on your profile but it makes no difference.


Not sure how global teams work with this...

This is still broken. I have just set up half a dozen "Modern" Team sites and found all the groups created for them were set up as English (United States) in stead of English (United Kingdom). I had to manually change them all. It's great how MS create "great" new features yet can't even get the basics right! 



Thank you for the script provided.

However are you aware of any specific configuration in the Office 365 Admin of how to set Default Regional Settings on the modern Teamsite creation?


Thank you a lot for your time in advance.


Unfortunately not! Script is the way to go

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