How do I auto-save an Excel document attached to a Group email to a Sharepoint folder?

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I have a report that is downloaded from a web app as a .xlsx file every morning at 1am.  The application auto-emails the file as an attachment to an Outlook Group email box I have setup.  I would like for this file to be automatically saved to a folder in Sharepoint when the email is received.  Effectively, it would replace the file from the previous morning.


What is the best way to do this using Microsoft Tools?

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PowerAutomate for sure. But like you can see here you cannot use it on a group email. Maybe is better if you send it or simply forward to a shared mailbox and after that you can use power automate to do what you need.


This is exactly what worked for me.  PowerAutomate using a dedicated folder in my Outlook.  Thank you for also confirming that it could not be done using a shared mailbox.  That was the crux of my question.