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Is or will it be possible to share a calendar from an O365 Group?


Scenario: a team of teachers works together and manages a calendar. The calender should be accessible for all theachers.


I couldn't find a way to get an ical link or another way to share teh calendar.



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It's not yet possible to share an Office 365 Group Calendar, the other teachers should join the Group to access the calendar for now.


Or you can send the .ics file but that's not the same thing.


From my Exchange account, I created an Outlook group and someone else joined it as a guest. Now I want to share the group's calendar with all group members, so I went to > login with my exchange account > calendar > Groups > My group, and try to share from there. Right click on my group doesn't give me the "share" option. And the "share" button on top doesn't allow me to share the group's calendar, only my main calendar.

So how can I share the Outlook Group's calendar?



Also you can use the -CalendarMemberReadOnly flag on the Set-UnifiedGroup command using PowerShell so that only Group Owners can edit and Members can only View

Thanks Ben but actually it doesn't answer my question. I don't know how to share a calendar with a group guest member. Thanks


David, Currently Guest access doesnt support sharing of Group calendar with guest users. This requires some work on Exchange side. However we take this as a feedback and consider this in our road-map.

Hi Sorry,

So are you saying that if I create a group invite external members outside of my organization to the join the group that they cannot see the group calendar?

yeah it's a basic function but not working, very strange

Yes, that is what Sahil means

I suppose a workaround could be to instead add a Calendar app to the group site and use that instead.


Not a good long term solution but better than nothing until MS implements this.



Thanks Juan, appreciate the response!
Thank you Eric, I will look into that in the short term while waiting for MS to implement something better.

Unfortunately that doesn't work either. Guests don't see the calendar web part, they just get a message saying "The group calendar is only available to its members"

any update on this?

Adding interest to this - many group members at my university prefer to use external applications to manage classes and other obligations. Not being able to subscribe to a group calendar is problematic.

Same here. Gone to all the trouble of setting up a group calendar and then discovered I can't invite external users to even view.


A real limitation.

The idea of having an Office 365 Group dedicated calendar, but that calendar is unavailable to guests is preposterous. How can you collaborate on a time-sensitive project when the whole group can't see the calendar & deadlines? Even if I could just publish a read only anonymous view like a resource calendar would be better than this!


Similarly: why is it when you send a meeting request to an Office 365 group, recipients have an option to add it to their calendar, but can't respond to say if they will attend?


I can send a meeting request from my calendar to guests to request responses but have to know and type in the name of each member (can't expand the group like you could with distribution lists) - but then it doesn't show on the group calendar, unless I invite the group. 

Absolutely, this is a big drawback. We should be able to share the calendar of the group with outside members, so they can monitor the activities of the group!