Group Member has no access to Group Website

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I added a brand new Office 365 Group in the Admin Portal earlier this day.

I added the user "MW" as a member to that group.


Her Outlook sends her a notification that she joined the group.

She receives an email that she joined the group.

The group is shown in her Outlook.

She is shown as a member of the group in Outlook.

She is able to see the group mailbox and calendar.


But when she actually visits the sharepoint site for the group, she gets an "Access Denied" message.


And when I log in as the admin and look at the team site, she is not listed as a member.


Why is this happening? I tried to remove and add her multiple times and waited even an hour between the tries to no avail. Creating another new group and adding her works. Something is really broken.

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Are you still having that issue? Sometimes the required propagation to SPO is not as fast as it should so it is just a question of time the members will have access to the Group site