Group Deletion


We've noticed that the team site associated with an Office 365 Group doesn't get removed when the group is deleted. How long after the group is deleted will the team site be removed?

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Doug it should get deleted, can you please check again?

The group was deleted approximately 90 minutes ago, and the site is still accessible. Should we open a support case?

Does not sound right, please do
Is it that you can't reuse the site URL path? As I recall, it takes ~30 days to get the ability to use the site path again for a new site .

No, the site is accessible. PSS is working to remove the site and indicated they have seen this happen a few times. Good to know about the 30 days. Does that mean it does go to the recycle bin?

I think it's worth to open a support ticket so they can investigate what happend with the site me it should be deleted inmediatelly once you decide to delete the Group and it should go to the site collection recycle bin in SPO

@Doug Stalter, have you tried to removed the group from UI or from PowerShell? When I tried it from PowerShell, it doesn't removed the site collection. But deleting it from UI removed site collection. HTH. 

From the UI. Afterward we tried removing the group using Powershell, but it was already removed. We also have no way to administer the site individually as well.


At any rate, we submitted a support case and it was resolved.