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Hello Everyone. I have the following issue and want to see if anybody else has had the same thing happening.

We have created over 50 Groups. They have been working well for over a year, but now two of them are not working, specifically the files part (which is the only one we use).

The groups website works well but when we click files it doesn't work; it shows the message: "500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR"

I can see the files and folders for a second and then they disappear and we get the above message. This happens to all users on all web browsers. However we all can see the files in our android and apple apps.

I have a ticket with Microsoft and they have been working on the issue for a week now with no solution.

Has anyone had this issue? any possible solutions?


Help is greatly appreciated!!!

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Hello Fabian,


It is possible that the behavior is a side effect of the recent upgrade in interface (modern document libraries). Since the files are technically stored in a document library and group is a "SharePoint site", did you try accessing the document library directly via the path?




I don't know how to look directly via the path (I am not an engineer, although I am in charge of the IT at my company :) )


Can you please tell me how to do it?

Please try the following URL Fabian


https://<Your Company Name><GroupName>/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx


Where <Your Company Name> is common for all SharePoint sites in your environment.


And <GroupName> is the group that you have create. Even though you have spaces in your group name, it will be just 1 word (without the spaces) in the URL.

Fabian -


Sorry for the trouble! Can you help clarify something for me?


You stated, "when we click files it doesn't work;"


From which O365 workload or application are you clicking "Files"?

Hi Fabian,


have heard this issue with other clients as well and advised them to create a service call.





Tested this, but same error code 500 ;-(.

In our tenant we have the same issue.

Is no final solution... But I managed to open groupfiles as network share in windows explorer using following format:


https://<company><groupname>/Gedeelde Documenten


https://<company><groupname>/Shared Documents

I know that it sounds weird, but if I remove the picture of the affected group and re-add it, then after about an hour it starts working.

There is a solution found! Thanx to Yammer ;-).

Martón found a weird solution: remove the group picture and add a new one. And voilá, the groupfiles are working again!