Email Address format for Outlook conversations in O365 Groups ( - Bug or Feature?


We're starting to use Outlook based O365 Groups more and it appears the email address format is:  (as opposed to


Some of our users are complaining that this "onmicrosoft" format is confusing and unsightly. Have other companies dealt with this? How did you socialize this with your users?



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The article doesn't explicitly describe our situation, where emails are rather than 


I guess what I was asking was is our "" situation the "standard out of the box" experience with Groups or not. The article implies emails should be and describes how you leverage and - but does say anything about

Sounds like we need to improve our documentation (good feedback) but the same applies, using this cmdlets you can set the default to domain):
New-EmailAddressPolicy -Name Groups -IncludeUnifiedGroupRecipients -EnabledEmailAddressTemplates "" -Priority 1
Mmm...strange you are having this all the tenants where I'm using groups, group e-mails are in the form without having to do any extra configuration

Thanks for confiming and also for the CMDs and links. Looks like I need to talk to our email team.

Are you on Exchange Online-only, or in Exchange Hybrid (with MX pointing onPrem)?

I'm on hybrid and I can't get our custom domain to work with O365 groups at the moment.