Creating new Groups using Graph, slow respons from Exchange-part

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We are provisioning new 365 Groups using POST-calls to the Graph-api from Azure Functions, the group is created fine in Azure AD and the SharePoint site is available almost immediately.

But it takes almost 30 minutes before the members get the welcome-mail in Outlook and the new Group is not listed in the Exchange Admin UI until 20-30 minutes has passed.


Same problem when creating them from the /_layouts/15/sharepoint.aspx page.


We did not see this kind of slow performance from Exchange last week, is this a temporary issue or have something change in the way Groups are set up internally?


Also take smilar time before the mail adress changes from to We also experience the group being unavailable when trying to fetch it using the Graph during the time between creation and the exchange-parts completes.


Any one else experience the same kind of problem?




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Niklas this is a known issue we are currently addressing. 

Hi Christophe


Better timings today, shows up in left nav in Outlook almost directly. Still some time before the welcome-mail is received. Is the issue solved or are you still working on it?