Create Office 365 groups with ADFS

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When creating an Office 365 Group, a group ID is created based on which domain you have as standard in its tenant.


There is a solution for multiple domain.


But if you have a domain that is federated by ADFS to get SSO, you can not select it as the default in its tenant.

Name Status Authentication
---- ------ -------------- Verified Managed Verified Federated


Are there any thoughts on this? For example you only have one domain and want to use both sigle-sign on and Office 365 Groups with an external email address linked to their domain. Is that possible at any solution?


We do not want to use the address external.


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@Victor Ungureanu wrote:
Check this, see if it helps:

Wanted to suggest my thread as well.

Unfortunately I wasn't yet able to create a ticket yet (a little to complicated for my taste, when you're dependend on your CSP to do it), so I still do not have working solution yet.


Thanks, then I open a case with 365 support and see what they say about it.
I wanted to first hear this if they were more who suffered this senario.

yep, sometimes it not as straight forward how a scenario is supposed to work, or not work, even if there is some documentation