Cannot delete sharepoint after I delete a group

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I deleted a test group but the sharepoint site did not delete and I don't see in in the sharepoint admin center. It is hidden from my view. I tried deleting the site from within the site itself (settings menu --> site settings) but doing that just brings me back to the documents folder Smiley Mad

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The Group site should be deleted when the Group is deleted...if that's not the case, to avoid the redirection, append to the Url ?noredirect=true

You can try using PowerShell to delete the site collection, here are the scripts.  A SharePoint site collection created by an Office 365 group currently will not show up in the SharePoint Online admin center. 

that site with the powershell scripts no longer exists.


I have the same problem described above.  I deleted some groups but their sites still remain.  I tried to go in and delete the sistes from sharepoint admin but there is not option to delete them.

Are you talking about deleting a Group SPO Site ?  (a SPO Site which was created via an O365 Group)


I had (or still have) exactly the same case where a SPO Site remain available after i deleted the O365 Group.

In order to delete a SPO, you need to add an globald admin account as an owner to the site


Set-SPOSite -Identity https://<name>/sites/<sitename> -owner <your global admin account>


afterwards trigger the removal by issuing this cmdlet

Remove-SPOSite -Identity https://<name>/sites/<sitename> -NoWait



i had the issue that i couldn't add an owner to ANY Group SPO's. So i had to open a MS support ticket for that :(


hope that helps

I also had the same problem. Deleted some Office 365 Groups, but the SharePoint sites were not deleted.


Trying to add my own global admin account as an owner using


Set-SPOSite -Identity https://<name>/sites/<sitename> -owner <your global admin account>


did not work.  The site was "not cuurently available" according the Powershell error message.


Apperently the site was locked. Unlocking the site using


Set-SPOSite -Identity https://<name>/sites/<sitename> -LockState Unlock


made it possible the add the global admin account. After adding the global admin account there was no problem deleting the SharePoint site.


I hope this works for everybody.

I did all these steps and it seems that it works.

The thing is that when I try to create a group with the same name, the "site name" is like "sitename2"

I want to use the name without the 2 at the end.

Any help?


If the suggestions described here don't work, I would recommend to use the cmdlets you can find in the preview of the PowerShell Module for Azure AD to completely remove the Group. I had to use them for a customer site group that was not deleted after deleting the Group...specifically follow this support article:
Many thanks Juan Carlos, it works!!!
You save my day.
Gracias de nuevo.
My pleasure Alvaro!

Great guys, thank you for your help here. Any clue about other leftovers ? Exchange, Teams...




AFAIK, No...the only once causing problems when deleting a Group seems to be SPO