Can't see folders in the Group files list


Hi. Very simple question, how do you see folders in the Groups file list? If I go to 'Browse the Library' I can create a folder, but on coming back to the Files list that folder is not visible. Editing the view at the Library has no effect.



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AFAIK this is the intended behavior: the new File experience is in practice a flat list of recent files.

If you want to have a structured view of the connected Sharepoint doclib you have to choose "Browse the Library'.


Ah ok thanks that makes sense
Dislike this though. Would like to see maybe a choice. Lots of teams/groups still live and breathe in folders. SharePoint people have fought this battle for years, (folders versus metadata). This new Files view says screw both you guys, we wont use either!

I see it in this way: it's just a recent file list (including also files sent to the Group by email, which is fine) that is at hand while in the email client (i.e. OWA today and, I guess, Outlook tomorrow...). If what I want is a full blown access to the library, then I go to the actual library.

Otherwise, such view in OWA would be a redundant duplicate of the library view in SharePoint, don't you think so?

6 in one, half dozen in the other, as you seen in other comments, alot of people want quick access to the library (maybe they don't always need recent files), so many would prefer the library in the order in which they have pre-defined it. I would pose if you want to see recent activity, use the "Recent Activity" web part in the sharepoint site.

Also, to avoid confusion, I think "File" should be renamed "Recent Files" or something like that then.

We get so many complaints and questions on our servicedesk of users who don't see all their files anymore when clicking on the Files tab. They are afraid losing files.


So please make it more obvious what is shown or show everything!

I agree.

"A normal user" which creates "folders" in a site, expects to see also the folder structure whenever he access them via the Files list.


imagine if a user wants to upload a file via the file list --> he can't select a destination folder anymore  (completely different as he was used to it in the Library)


In my opinion it would be nice to leave it up to the Group Owner:
to switch this "view" between the flat structure or the full library structure.

Hi Salvatore,


Why isn't it called the "recent files" list then? Why an extra step to see all information including folders? I think many users (what I hear from them) are confused by this choice. Can you reconsider your perspective on this issue?


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Frans van Velzen

Hi Frans.

I agree with you: it should be called "Recent files".

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I Agree with Stefan,
Office Groups should make life easier especially for less experienced users.
But they are very difficult to use if users need to understand also the different views of the files in Sharepoint and OneDrive.
The lack of folders (and the inherent ability to upload TO a folder) is more than confusing: it discourages users to collaborate

I'm seeing folders in my Teams files view today. How long has that been there? I don't think it was there last week.

Thank you, MSFT,



That's nice. But now also in Group files please.....

We are about to roll out Office 365 groups and this is worrisome, especially for users who are already panicked about doing things differently. 


I agree there should be the option to show folders, or at the very least clarify to users what the files functionality means.

If only the EXO feature dev team was as responsive as the Teams feature dev team? :) 

As mentioned as Ignite we plan to address this feedback and provide folder navigation in the future, see this

Woo-Hoo! Thanks, Christophe!
is there a way now to customize the groups menu in order to view the "library" instead of "recent folder" directly ?

Currently you are not able to view folders in the Group files view in OWA unless you go to browse library from the commanding bar. Browse library takes you to the associated Sharepoint site.


We are in the midst of working on updating the OWA group files view to allow file content to be shown in the similar folder/file structure as Sharepoint as well as a section to see most recent files. This is work in progress, please stay tuned for announcements on the release dates. 

Any progress you can make on this would be greatly appreciated. I share the views expressed here that the anomaly is unsettling for users who fear that the folders have been lost when they see the Files view in Groups