Attempt to groupify a classic SharePoint Team site programmatically fails

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I'm attempting to groupify a single classic team site using the article posted here: Connect to an Office 365 Group and following the 2nd method which provides sample scripts to do it programmatically using PowerShell. 


The first PS script runs and checks for blockers, etc., and the target site passes with no issues. Then, when I run the second script (updating the variables and sections appropriately), it fails to create a new group and attach it to the updated Team Site. I'm assuming this is what's going wrong, because I notice that in the log/output, the ID of the group that it's trying to add to is "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" (i.e., $site.GroupId is 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000) and that looks bogus.


Any troubleshooting ideas as to why group creation might fail in this script?



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Bob we have not released this yet as stated in the article: "The option to connect an Office 365 group to an existing site is not yet available and will be released during Q2 of calendar year 2018." + @Tejas Mehta

Thank you Christophe! I thought I was going crazy. I did read that, but for some reason I misinterpreted it to mean that although it wasn't be available via a GUI-menu operation yet, that the PowerShell method was ready. My mistake. Bob
no worries, coming real soon...
I have not been able to get this command to work on any of my tenants. The error is always: Add-PnPOffice365GroupToSite : The root site collection for this tenant cannot be connected to an Office 365 Group. Is groupifying a root site collection disallowed by design?