Accessing Team Calendar on iPhone

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has anyone got this to work yet ? they took away the Group apps, but the Calendar still doesn't showup in the outlook app on iphone 

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Hi Norman, Group calendar is soon going to be on your mobile Outlook app, perhaps as soon as a couple of months! Please bear with us for a bit.

Any updates on this ?

viewing group calendar on iphone using the outlook App ? 

ipad also ? 



Have you updated your app today? :)

We just deployed this today, so you should be able to view your Group's events on the Group details page/group card.

We would love to hear feedback on this.

Still Not working, 

I think I should just create a shared mailbox and use that calendar as this group feature will never work and most likly be discontinued

Agree this doesn't work, I get 'You can't add Groups calendars at this time'.

@Norman Scally@Steven Collier - I'm sorry to hear that the feature is not working as expected for you guys, since this is working fine for me.


Can you both please create a help/support ticket from within your app? Please mention in your ticket that this is a "Group Events" issue and add that this should be looked at by "Ravin".


Thanks, we'll try and get this resolved quickly. 




@Steven Collier - Thanks for raising your support ticket. I just had a look at it and I think I know what is wrong.


I wanted to clarify that on Outlook Mobile (iOS), we support showing a group's events ONLY from that group's details page or the card. Adding a group's calendar alongside all other calendars and shared calendar is NOT supported yet and is currently in our backlog. There is no specific ETA for this feature, but we're working on it. 


At the moment you can view a group's events on the group details page or the group card, as well as add group events on your personal calendar. If a Group does not have any calendar events, you would not see any events on the Card. 


Hope that clarifies. 

Hi @Ravin Sachdeva could you explain more about what the 'group details page' and 'card' look like, a picture might help.

Here's a best way to get to a Group Card:
1. From your inbox - just tap on the Group Name in the recipient list of an email that contains a group.
2. From your Groups list - open sidebar -> Tap on 'Groups' -> Tap on a group in the list -> tap on the top circle picture of group -> Group details page.
here's how the events should look like. And tapping on "See All" should show you all the events for that group. 
group card demo.png

Got it, I see.


That's quite a complex route to find, I've used Outlook mobile for a couple of years and I certainly didn't think to press that circle at the top. I would expect that when I access a groups messages the calendar icon would take me to the groups calendar, maybe overlayed with mine.

I would expect that when I access a groups messages the calendar icon would take me to the groups calendar, maybe overlayed with mine.

This is the direction we're heading in and would reach in due course of time. Showing events on the Group Card is a step in that direction. Would request you to please bear with us for a bit. 


How is this working for your ? It works fine if you are using a desktop computer or Laptop with Outlook 2016 installed, but in todays world everyone has mobile devices and they want to see their company calendar on their mobile devices. 

This is the desired outcome, on an iphone, or ipad, open the outlook app, tap the calendar icone.  See their calendar and next to it see the company calendar or don't even use the personal calendar at all. Just have one company calendar. 

what steps do I need to do to get this to work in this way 

@Ravin Sachdeva


Any update on this? When I access the group details on android I can see the members and conversations but none of the events. The calendar button just takes me to my calendar. I cant add the group calendar along side the rest of my calendars. Very poor experience overall. Funny thing is that a planner calendar tied to a group shows up just fine...

@Ravin Sachdeva Honestly, what is the problem with the Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Exchange programmers not being able to work together to solve these business critical problems? Is there a management / project manager issue or what? The last update was 8 months ago ago and this still doesn't work. Even the ridiculous workaround you talked about doesn't show events accurately. 

@Curt Loesch - Thanks a lot for your patience thus far, we are really close to bringing this feature to a phone near you! :)


We are currently making sure that the scenario performs well and lives up to the high quality bar we have for Outlook Mobile. Hence it is taking longer than expected. Once we have this ready to launch, I'll make sure I post an announcement on this thread so you can try it out.