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This may belong to a "Planner" group, but for me this may be the rigtig place to go. 

I do work at a university so our userbase is a mix of facultymembers and students, to day we found a lot of groups created by our enduser, after some reseach we located the origen to planner activities. 


For each a Office 365 group i created so fare so good, looking into these i may look like the deafult access right in these groups are edit rights to "Everyone except external users".

Is this how it is designed or do i have som mis configuration ?

I did only expect access for group memebers.



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One of the general characteristics of Office 365 Groups is that everyone who is a member shares the same access rights to the resources of the group. That's the way things work, including for resources like plans.

Hi Kristoffer


when a Plan is created, an Office group is created automatically. When creating a plan, you can choose whether te plan (and group) is public or private.


Your users will probably have chosen to make the plans (and connected groups) public.


You can instruct them to change this to private, or do it yourself in the admin section, or with powershell.


As far as I know, you cannot set group default to private when created.



Spot on :)