Short & sweet educational videos on Microsoft 365 Defender

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Microsoft 365 Defender (formerly known as Microsoft Threat Protection) is an integrated, cross-domain threat detection and response solution. It provides organizations with the ability to prevent, detect, investigate and remediate sophisticated cross-domain attacks within their Microsoft 365 environments.


To help you get started with Microsoft 365 Defender and take advantage of its capabilities we’ve compiled a series of short videos. These will walk through the key product features and show you how to apply them to your business today.


We’re constantly adding new capabilities to Microsoft 365 Defender so check back here regularly for new videos and instructional content. You can also follow us on Twitter.


Please share your feedback, or ask questions in the comments section below; let us know what other videos and topics you would like to see.



Getting started

Watch an all-up overview of Microsoft 365 Defender and learn about its capabilities

Check out how you can get started quickly and start benefiting from its capabilities



Advanced hunting

Learn how alerts are being correlated into incidents and how to work with them

Get started with advanced hunting to hunt for threats across your Microsoft 365 Defender data


Automated self-healing

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This video helps you better understand how Microsoft 365 Defender automates remediation actions

We are listening! See how easy it is to share your feedback with us


Security center for Microsoft Defender for Office 365 customers

Security center for Microsoft Defender for Identity customers

See the improved and NEW features you get when you start using the Microsoft 365 Defender portal - at no costs.

This video shows improved and NEW features you get when you move to the Microsoft 365 Defender portal - at no costs! 



Threat Analytics

See how quickly you can classify your incidents & alerts

With threat analytics you can track and respond to emerging threats



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@Charles590  THANK YOU!! If you miss any content, let us know !

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