How to enable DHCP on Hyper-V switch

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When any VM connected to "Default Switch", they get automatic IP and can reach each other.


When I create manually any switch: Internal, Private, External - DHCP does not exist and I have to assign IP address as static or run a DHCP server on one of VMs...


Question: How to enable DHCP on Hyper-V switch


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Hi, can you please provide more details on the environment, like, which NICs you have? Win client or server? Which version?
It seems to me based on the high-level information you provided that the existing NIC is associated to a NIC that has a DHCP server available and the switch is just passing the DHCP request/assign. Hyper-V doesn't have a default DHCP server/service available, so your best option would be to either use static IP (as you did) or spin up a DHCP server on that virtual network for that Switch.