Windows Server Summit 2022: Modernize your Apps with Windows Containers and AKS
Published May 01 2023 03:00 AM 3,707 Views

Welcome to the “Director’s cut” of the 2022 Windows Server Summit. I am going through and posting each of the sessions (and my comments) that were part of the event that took place December 6th, 2022.


Windows Server has been an on-prem app platform for many years. We all have apps that run on IIS that we maintain in our environments in some form or another. Did you know that you can think about migrating those apps to a more modern container solution like Azure Kubernetes Services? Yup - Windows Containers exist and you can find out more about them with Vinicius and Thomas. They will walk you though how to modernize your applications on premises and in Azure. You’ll see how to use Azure Migrate to move your applications to Azure Container Instances or Azure Kubernetes Services in Azure or on-premises.


Pretty cool stuff - and once again, it's compressed down into 13 minutes for your viewing pleasure by clicking on the video below. 




  • Vinicius Apolinario, Senior Cloud Advocate
  • Thomas Maurer, Senior Program Manager




To watch more sessions from the 4th annual Windows Server Summit – check out the playlist

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