The Syntax Difference Between Python and PowerShell
Published Oct 05 2020 10:36 PM 21.5K Views

During MS Ignite 2020, I was surprised to learn of a growing debate that system administrators are starting to become increasing vocal on...

"Which scripting language is better? Python or PowerShell?"


Having only dabbled in both, I am not an authority on either to share my opinion.  From a fact's perspective, PowerShell provides a shell scripting environment whereas Python is an interpreted high-level programming language. Both can accomplish similar tasks but thier differences also help distinguish themselves to complete certain tasks.


So why not use both?  


This was a question I began to research for this post and thought it would be an innovative idea to compare the similarities in syntax between Python and PowerShell.  In conducting said research I came across the work of Adam Driscoll, an 8-year MVP in the Cloud and Datacenter space.


Here is a link to his blog post sharing details on the reference between PowerShell and Python language syntax:  

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