AzUpdate S04E01: Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Monitor and Azure Static Web Apps
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Hello Folks,

Welcome to the first episode of AZ Update or 2022.  Jay (@jaydestro) and I are back from some much-appreciated time off and ready to go.


Things are picking up as well on the azure side with a lot more updates than in December. So, let’s jump right into it.  This week we’ll cover updates for Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Monitor log alerts, Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-grade edge, and Azure Backup.

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Azure Database for PostgreSQL




Your organization may need to comply with legal or regulatory standards.  To that effect the product team has been working hard to increase the number of certifications that it complies with.


Start here to learn about compliance in Azure and here for info on the specific certifications achieved.


Azure Monitor Logs




There have been multiple announcements in regard to Azure Monitor. I’m especially happy about the two updates listed below.

1-minute Frequency log alerts is now GA

Log alerts allow users to use a Log Analytics query to evaluate resources logs every set frequency, and fire an alert based on the results. Rules can trigger one or more actions using action groups.


Now, Log alerts with 1-minute frequency are now generally available. The alert query will be evaluated every minute to check the condition, reducing the overall time to fire of a log alert.  You need to be aware that this will affect the cost of your Azure Monitor.  Price information can be found here.


Visit log alerts in Azure Monitor to learn more.

A new and improved alert rule creation experience

The ‘Create alert rule’ experience has converted from a long, cumbersome form into a wizard.  Making the process a lot more simple


Instructions how to create alert rule using the new experience are provided in the rule-specific docs:

Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-grade edge (Preview)




Extend your Static Web App with a zero-config enterprise-grade edge powered by Azure Front Door. This seamless integration will keep your traffic on the best path to your app, improve website speed, and increase throughput for your global users with edge load balancing across 118+ points of presence, SSL offload, and application acceleration.


You can now use Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-grade edge (still in preview) to increase your website page load speed, enhance security, and optimize reliability for your applications.


It combines the capabilities of Azure Static Web Apps, Azure Front Door and Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) standard into a single secure cloud CDN platform. It also provide proactive protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and native support of end-to-end IPv6 connectivity and HTTP/2 protocol


Learn more here.


Azure Backup Update




Azure Backup constantly releases enhancements to its programmatic interfaces which enables you to achieve efficiencies at scale and reduce human error.


  1. The CLI commands for Azure Backup are now generally available, as they have now been updated to make use of latest CLI standards. You can make use of enhancements in the parameter set (for example, the ability to directly use ARM IDs in commands) to simplify their script authoring experience.
  2. PS/CLI support for Backup Vault workloads: Azure Backup now has PowerShell and CLI support for the workloads supported by Backup vaults, i.e., Azure Databases for PostgreSQL Server, Azure Blobs, Azure Disks.
  3. Terraform support for Backup vault workloads: We now have Terraform modules published for PostgreSQL DB backupBlob backupand Disk backup.
  4. Bicep templates for Azure Backup: Bicep is a domain-specific language (DSL) that uses declarative syntax to deploy Azure resources. It provides concise syntax, reliable type safety, and support for code reuse. To enable Azure Backup users to benefit from Bicep, we've published sample Bicep templates for Azure VM backupBlob backup and Disk backup.
  5. PS/CLI support for new features: We've added PS/CLI support for most of the new features that became generally available in this period, for example, Archive storage, User-assigned identity for CMK and MSI authentication for managed disk restore.

Refer to the automation landing page to get started with setting up automation for your backups.


MS Learn Module of the Week




This week…. 


Since we covered Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-grade edge (Preview) which is in part powered by Azure Front Door we figure we should take the Introduction to Azure Front Door Learn Module.


It will teach you how to describe how Azure Front Door provides a fast, reliable, and secure modern cloud content delivery network. How Azure Front Door can help you transform your global consumer and enterprise apps into more secure, high-performing, personalized modern apps.


Check it out!


Have a great weekend and we’ll see you online. 


Please no not hesitate to comment below.  We would love your comments and suggestions.





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