New IoT MS Learn modules, new partnerships and more #ThisWeekInIoT

Published Mar 14 2020 09:12 AM 2,353 Views

Looking for interesting readings, watching and hands-on projects for your weekend, while catching up on latest news and updates about IoT at and around Microsoft? Here is your weekly digest.

It seems no week passes without it's load of new partnerships announcements, and this week is no exception with news about Bentley Systems, Schneider, MicroChip and Cisco collaborating with Microsoft on IoT solutions and products.

This week is also coming with new resources for IoT developers: new Microsoft Learn modules and an interesting article on IoTForAll about available certifications from different companies to advance your career in IoT.

Have a great weekend!

News and Updates

NEW: IoT Hub support for virtual networks

Bentley Systems, Microsoft and Schneider Electric re-imagine future workplaces with sensors, sustain...

Azure Security Center for IoT RSA 2020 announcements

Microsoft for Healthcare: Empowering our customers and partners to provide better experiences, insig...

Reimagining healthcare with Azure IoT

Enabling Cloud Connectivity to All MCUs and MPUs, Microchip Launches a Range of Embedded IoT Solutio...

7 IoT Certifications to Enhance Your Career Prospects in 2020

Azure IoT Introduces seamless integration with Cisco IoT

Podcasts and Videos



Projects and Hands-Ons

Azure IoT Arduino support refreshed

.NET Core Quicksstarts Done quickly with one PowerShell script start to finish.

New Microsoft Learn Modules:



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The link of "Manage your Azure IoT Hub with alerts and metrics wasn't correct. This is the correct url:


Thanks @Jeeweetje , good catch

I just fixed the post


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The "7 IoT Certifications to Enhance Your Career Prospects in 2020" post misses the most important one :smile:
Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty 

@andreascarinci , you are right. This article was written before we had pushed our Certification out I think.

But definitively a good one to mention here:


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