Setting a Blueprint for Industrial Edge Application Interoperability
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Microsoft is thrilled to support Margo, a new open-source initiative for interoperability between edge applications, edge devices, and edge management software. Margo also focuses on data interoperability, leveraging standards like OPC UA.  As a Linux Foundation open-source project, Margo will set a blueprint for modern industrial application design.


As a founding member of the Margo initiative, Microsoft is excited to actively contribute to Margo’s success and aligning the Margo initiative with Azure’s adaptive cloud approach. Our customers tell us every day about the challenges to building and operating their industrial solutions due to a lack of interoperability at the edge.  They want help to reduce the complexity, cost, and time to value.  Microsoft is committed to helping our customers build, deploy, and scale their applications faster, and run them both on the edge or in the cloud.  Microsoft is supporting Margo with five additional founding members and industry leaders including ABB (including B&R), Capgemini, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric (including AVEVA), and Siemens.


We believe that Margo’s blueprint for modern industrial application design will significantly contribute to customer success.  By fostering a more interoperable ecosystem leveraging open standards, Margo promises to bring much needed flexibility, simplicity, and scalability to complex multi-vendor edge environments, helping customers accelerate digital transformation projects and making them more affordable.  We are confident that other organizations will recognize the value of Margo and the collaborative effort by joining and contributing to Margo. The collective expertise and resources of the industry ecosystem can drive Margo’s development and adoption.


Microsoft has a longstanding history of innovation in industrial platforms, dating back to the 1980s with Windows and later also with Azure, including a powerful operating system, Windows IoT, and a portfolio of Azure IoT products and technologies. The latest addition to our IoT offerings, Azure IoT Operations, is a set of modular edge services currently in preview, showcasing our commitment to the industrial application space. In addition, we have a strong commitment to open standards and technologies with support for OPC UA, MQTT, OpenTelemetry, Kubernetes, and more.


Together, we can pave the way for a new era of industrial applications, characterized by seamless integration and enhanced collaboration. We look forward to seeing the impact Margo will have on the industry and the success it will bring to our customers.


To learn more about Margo and join the initiative, go to,   


Also join the live panel discussion session with founding members April 23, 11:00 AM CET at the HMI Capgemini booth or join the live stream at


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