Monitoring IoT systems from edge to cloud with Datadog
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Microsoft Azure has a strong and active partnership with Datadog, the leading cloud-based monitoring and observability platform. Recently, Datadog and Azure teamed up to significantly reduce latency in the collection of Azure Monitor metrics, and they also collaborated on a streamlined, first-of-its-kind experience for purchasing, configuring, and managing Datadog directly inside the Azure portal.  


Azure has emerged as the industry leader in delivering  IoT solutions in a powerful and scalable platform, but as organizations migrate to IoT environments, their infrastructure—from the edge to the cloud—becomes more complex. Datadog's tight integration with the Azure IoT ecosystem enables users to gain better visibility into this environment at every layer. 

Datadog achieves this unparalleled visibility into the Azure IoT environment with a lightweight Agent, which is deployed to Linux or Window-based devices. This Agent collects over one hundred system health metrics and provides an interface to send custom metrics to Datadog, allowing device operators to track KPIs specific to their applications. Datadog's Azure integration also comes equipped with out-of-the-box dashboards for popular Azure IoT services and more including CosmosDB, Functions, and Azure DevOps, so users can quickly identify the root cause of any bottlenecks in processing and serving data In a recent webinar, we showcase exactly how the Datadog monitoring suite can allow you to monitor all aspects of your Azure IoT solution from device to cloud, using an example solution based on the resources depicted in the architecture diagram below.

Azure IoT __ Datadog Webinar Slides.png


To learn more about Datadog’s integration with Azure IoT and related services, we invite you to check out our recent webinar featuring Jimmy Caputo and Ryan MacLean of the Datadog team as they are joined by Paul DeCarlo from Microsoft.  The presentation features a live demonstration of the Datadog agent running on an IoT device instrumented with Azure IoT Edge to show how you can leverage this pairing to operate large-scale IoT Device fleets confidently. To get started visit this link or click on the image below to register for this on-demand session.


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