Microsoft at embedded world 2021! Learn how we are creating a seamless IoT experience!
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Join us virtually at embedded world is this year!


Running from March 1-5, this in-depth event offers opportunities to experience inventions from the embedded sector. Microsoft will share how Azure IoT is helping lead the way in sessions and roundtables. Register here:


Special note: First week of March is going to be a jammed pack with Microsoft Ignite and embedded world, so watch out for our announcement blogs next week. 5 days worth of 24hrs live events! Grab your coffee! We'll link announcements here as well once they happen, so all of you are able to stay up-to-date!


Here is a sneak peak on what sessions and roundtables to join to learn more, hear announcements, and ask us questions live below! Special call out for embedded developers: Please help Microsoft Azure IoT engineering team understand more about your experiences with embedded development to improve future capabilities by taking this quick survey: (Thank you!)


Microsoft joins ST for STM32 Innovation Live!


Microsoft have been working in close partnership with STMicroelectronics to upgrade the STM32Cube software platform to simplify the development of IoT devices and allow embedded developers to now benefit from pre-integrated Microsoft Azure RTOS on STM32 MCUs. Want to know more? Sam George, Corporate Vice President, Azure IoT at Microsoft will be doing a guest appearance! Experts from ST and Microsoft will be available during the live webcast to answer all your questions! 


Register now for free to know more about Azure RTOS integration with STM32Cube! Join us at 10.30AM CET on Feb 25. Plus, STM shared they will be unveiling a game-changing #STM32 MCU family  (and chance to win a free STM32 boards!) :suprised: Register now:


During the event March 1-5: Learn more and hear latest announcements at the Sessions and Roundtables


Type Title Speakers Date/Time

Azure Sphere - A new class of secured system on a chip

Sylvain Ekel, Jürgen Schwertl

Mar 1: 11.00 am CET

(2:00 am PST)


Azure Sphere - A new class of secured system on a chip

Galen Hunt, Jürgen Schwertl

Mar 1: 4.20 pm CET

(7:20 am PST)

Exhibitor's Forum 1 What's next for Windows IoT Joe Coco, Martin Tuip

Mar 2: 11:50 am CET

(2:50 am PST)

Exhibitor's Forum 1 STMicroelectronics - Making Microsoft Azure IoT Edge easy with OpenSTLinux on STM32MP1 Davide Aliprandi (ST), Kamel Kholti (ST), Pamela Cortez (Microsoft)

Mar 2: 4:15 pm CET

(7:15 am PST)


New Innovations to bring AI to the Edge

Dan Rosenstein, Dave Jacobs

Mar 2: 4.20 pm CET

(7:20 am PST)

Roundtable New Innovations to bring AI to the Edge

Bo Pintea, Nabila Babar

Mar 3: 4.20 pm CET

(7:20 am PST)

Roundtable Device Update for IoT Hub

Liya Du, Val Olson

Mar 2 5:20 pm CET

(8:20 am PST)

Roundtable Bring the power of Azure to the edge

Terry Warwick, Chirag Shah

Mar 3: 5.20 pm CET

(8:20 am PST)

Conference Stream 6 IoT in the Age of DevOps

Florian Bader, Thomas Rummler

Mar 3: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (CET)

(3:00am PST)


Enabling seamless IoT experience with Azure RTOS

Speaker: Bill Lamie, Pamela Cortez

Moderator: Liya Du

Mar 4: 4.20 pm CET

(7:20 am PST)


IoT Plug and Play

Ugan Sivagnanenthirarajah, Sandeep Pujar, Daisuke Nakahara

Mar 4: 5.20 pm CET

(8:20 am PST)


Built-in IoT security with Edge Secured-core and Azure Defender for IoT

Deepak Manohar, Buck Watia, Idan Perkal 

Mar 5: 2.00 pm CET

(5:00 am PST)


Enabling seamless IoT experience with Azure RTOS

Bill Lamie, Pamela Cortez, Andres Mlinar

Mar 5: 2.30 pm CET

(5:30 am PST)


Video chat or message us at the Microsoft Exhibitors page


Have questions about our latest announcements or want to discuss your IoT solution? Head over to the Microsoft sponsor page under Exhibitor list on the embedded world site. Once you are there, you will be able to message and start a video chat with the different product teams and technical specialists from Microsoft. 


Join us at the Renesas Virtual Experience during embedded world


Microsoft will be joining Renesas for their Virtual Experience event. Check out the Microsoft Azure IoT Solutions for Renesas MCU/MPUs tech talk. Yours truly (Pamela Cortez), from the Azure IoT product team will be demoing how to get started building IoT solutions with Azure RTOS and how we are working together to simplify the IoT Device to Cloud Experience with Microsoft Azure IoT and Renesas MCU / MPUs. Register here:




We hope to see you all there! 



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