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Interested on how to connect devices to the cloud and how Azure IoT can support across the full device lifecycle? At last Ignite and Build we announced how Microsoft is paving the way for widespread IoT adoption and one of the big areas is how we are reducing the technical complexity for device lifecycle. To help developers learn more and upskill, we are excited to be teaming up with semiconductors and communities for online courses, ondemand training, and upcoming globally events. Check out the latest support below!


Enabling a seamless IoT integration experience with leading MCUs

Azure RTOS is based on our Express Logic acquisition and is already running on over 10 billion devices. We’re strengthening our partnership with leading semiconductors STMicroelectronics, NXP, Renesas, and Microchip by making Azure RTOS a seamless part of their offerings. And now, we’re expanding on this with new integrations between Azure RTOS and our IoT services, including Device Update for IoT Hub, IoT Plug and Play, Azure IoT Central, Azure Defender for IoT, and Azure IoT Edge. Additionally, more development boards from our semiconductors are now certified and in the Azure Certified Device catalog. Plus, devices that are certified for IoT Plug and Play IoT Plug includes the device model, which enables a seamless device-to-cloud integration experience for solution builders without having to write custom-code. Device and solution builders can select these IoT Plug and Play certified devices, quickly connect, and manage devices with Azure IoT Central due to the built-in device catalog integration. 



We are partnering with these semiconductor leaders on building seamless integrations across Azure IoT to connect, monitor, and manage a global fleet of IoT devices. As part of this effort, we are collaborating on outreach through training resources, upcoming workshops, and virtual events for embedded developers. 


If you are looking for support connecting any devices to the cloud, feel free to check out our open source device SDKs. We recommend using the Embedded C SDK for MCUs and constrained devices. The Embedded C SDK supports the bring your own network (BYON) approach. IoT developers have the freedom to bring the MQTT client, TLS, and socket of their choice to create a device solution. We also have SDKs supporting different programming languages like .NET (C#), Node.js, C, Java, and Python.


Upcoming and Latest OnDemand Training

Here are the upcoming getting started and deep dive trainings to help any developer learning more about how to connect and manage devices at scale.



Latest updates: At the embedded world 2021, STMicroelectronics revealed the extreme low-power STM32U5 microcontrollers with advanced performance.... ST has also created the STM32U5 IoT Discovery Kit (B-U585I-IOT02A)  that combines the MCU with a Wi-Fi® module, Bluetooth® module, and various sensors, which is now supported in the Azure Device Certified Catalog with IoT Plug and Play support. 

Training: OnDemand

Upcoming training:

This year we have been running global events and webinars. Stay tune for technical workshops, which can be found on shortly, where we will announce more locations (China, Europe, US, and many more!) and virtual training the focuses on Azure RTOS and connecting devices to the cloud.



Check out the latest edge training with NXP!

Upcoming Training & OnDemand afterwards:

  • MAY 26: Secure the Edge Webinar series! During each webinar in this 4-part week-long series, covers new ground on secure communications for the IoT. Check out May 26 | Leveraging Secure Communications on Resource Constrained MCUs with Azure® RTOS.  
    • In this webinar we will cover the basics of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and how it forms the basis for most secure network communication. We will introduce the protocol itself, covering both TLS versions 1.2 and 1.3 with a brief discussion about cryptography and ciphersuites as they pertain to TLS. We will then discuss Azure RTOS NetX TLS, an implementation of the TLS protocol optimized for resource-constrained embedded microcontrollers running the Azure RTOS ThreadX real-time operating system. Presented by Microsoft Azure IoT - Azure RTOS security expert Tim Stapko and Clark Jarvis, MCUXpresso Ecosystem Product Marketer, NXP Semiconductors

  • June 2: Accelerating Safety-Certified Application Development With Azure® RTOS and IAR Embedded Workbench® o...
    • Join this session as NXP, Microsoft and IAR Systems explain how to address the development of safety-certified applications out-of-the-box with its joint hardware and software solutions – along with a live demonstration using NXP i.MX RT crossover MCUs, Microsoft Azure RTOS, and IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm. 



Latest updates: We are excited to announce the Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit is Azure Device Certified and an IoT Plug and Play Certified device. The RX65N microcontroller used in this kit is the next-generation general-purpose MCU, with Human Machine Interface (HMI) and security features that are ideal for Edge Computing devices. The built-in dual-bank functionality and Trusted Secure IP features will allow you to establish secure cloud communications and conduct firmware updates, both easily and securely.  As part of the IoT Plug and Play certification, Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit comes with a device model that the kit uses to advertise its capabilities to an IoT Plug and Play-enabled application. This model enables device builders to build devices that can be easily integrated to cloud based IoT solutions and cloud based IoT services. Please go here to view more info and the IoT Plug and Play support for Renesas RX65N Cloud Kit in the Azure Certified Device Catalog. 

Training: Stay tune for upcoming engineer to engineer bootcamps featuring Azure IoT! In the meanwhile, check out the Microsoft Azure IoT Solutions for Renesas MCU/MPUs tech talks. Yours truly (Pamela Cortez), from the Azure IoT product team demos how to get started building IoT solutions with Azure RTOS and how we are working together to simplify the IoT Device to Cloud Experience with Microsoft Azure IoT and Renesas MCU / MPUs. OnDemand training can be found here:




We have partnered with Microchip on all new courseware for Microchip University!

  • Microchip University Courses:
    • Learn how to quickly connect to the cloud using Microchip's SAME54 Xplained Pro evaluation kit and Microsoft Azure IoT. Learn more and register for this free Microchip University course:
    • Stay tune for PIC-IoT and Device Provisioning Service course. Plus, a course fully focused on connecting your devices to Azure IoT Central 

Upcoming Training & OnDemand afterwards:

  • June 1: Enabling a Seamless IoT Experience with Microsoft® Azure IoT and Microchip MCUs/MPUs 
    • Please join us to learn how to build smart, connected and more secure IoT solutions with PIC®, AVR® and SAM microcontrollers (MCUs) (or SAM microprocessors (MPUs). During this session, we will provide technical walkthroughs and demos leveraging Microsoft IoT offerings to support your device lifecycle. We’ll demonstrate how to connect to the cloud with Azure IoT to register, configure, update and manage your devices at scale. We will also explore Azure services such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure RTOS, Embedded C SDK, IoT Plug and Play, Device Provisioning Service, IoT Edge and Azure IoT Central. Demonstrations will include registering and configuring with Device Provisioning Service and the PIC-IoT Development Board, connectivity with resource-constrained devices with Azure RTOS and a SAM E54 MCU, bringing intelligent workloads from the cloud to the edge, and quickly building production-ready end-to-end IoT applications with Azure IoT Central and the SAM-IoT Development Board.


Microsoft IoT Building end to end IoT Solution 6 - part webinar series!

If you missed the live webinar 6 part series back in April, all the videos are all on OnDemand now:! Great for those just starting building IoT solutions with Azure IoT. Topics range from connecting devices, provisioning at scale, intelligent edge, and building IoT solutions with Azure IoT Central. 

webinar series.PNG


Happy learning! Feel free to ping Pamela @AltaOhms (Twitter) or comment below to send requests for training or feedback! 





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