JulyOT weekly round up week 2, 🚀, AMAs, AI and more!
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As we wrap up the second full week of #JulyOT 2022, here's a round up of all the IoT content we've shared so far. Check back here every week for a weekly roundup, or catch the new content every week day in July at JulyOT.dev.


We also shared the first of out JulIoT content - JulyOT in Spanish!




#JulIoT is JulyOT in Spanish! We want to bring JulyOT to as many developers as possible, so watch out for more languages next year!




For JulIoT this week we have a set of videos in Spanish showing how to build IoT water rockets with Arduino!




Beginners, makers and students


For our beginners track, we ran lesson 3 of IoT for Beginners this week as a live stream.



We also ran an AMA (ask me anything) with Bruno Capuano and Maria-Anastasia Moustaka. They shared their knowledge on Azure IoT and a variety of other topics.



For the makers amongst us, we shared a guide on how to get started with Azure IoT and Adafruit CircuitPython.




Embedded IoT


This week continues our series on nanoFramework with a blog post on networking and Azure.



AI at the edge


This week has a huge range of AI content to bring intelligence to your IoT solutions.


We start with Azure Percept, a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform with added security for creating edge AI solutions. We have a post containing a mix of blog posts and videos from recent conferences to help you get up to speed with Azure Percept.




We then move on to Azure Sphere, running TinyML models from Edge Impulse on this secure computing device to do AI powered predictive maintenance on HVAC systems.




We also gave a sneak peek at an upcoming livestream from the Microsoft Reactor, where Jim Bennett and Bryn Lewis dig into digital agriculture and how AI and IoT can optimize farming, particularly dairy farming in New Zealand.




Learning and certifications



Want to become a subject matter in the IoT Domain? Compete the hundreds of other developers who have joined the JulyOT Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge!


Join us next week!

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