How is Azure IoT Central Making IoT Even Easier
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New breakthrough features were recently released in Azure IoT Central to help you accelerate time to value. Azure IoT Central is becoming a real IoT Solutions Platform, reducing time and costs associated with developing, managing and maintaining enterprise-grade IoT solutions. In fact, with IoT Central you can provision an IoT application in 15 seconds, customize it in an hour and go to production the same day. With IoT Central, you get connected, stay connected, and transform your business. Here are some of these new features:


1. Get Connected

  • IoT Central now includes  industry-focused application templates (11 already available and more to come). These templates offer a starting point to quickly build solutions for retail, energy, government, and healthcare.
  • Connect devices to IoT Central within seconds with IoT Plug and Play. The IoT Plug and Play catalog is now available right where you need it, presenting a choice of pre-certified devices when adding new ones to your app.
  • Make your applications repeatable with application export.
  • Use white-labeling to customize the solution experience.

2. Stay connected

3. Transform

  • Create custom rules to extract more insights from device data
  • Combine device insights with decision making using connectors to business applications
  • Integrate your IoT Central application into your broader IoT solution using the REST APIs.

Retail demo

In the Channel 9 IoT Show, “How Microsoft is Simplifying IoT,” see these new features in action with a retail demo from Avneet Singh, Senior Program Manager, IoT Solutions team.



The retail template is set to measure temperature and occupancy. Real sensors are rapidly on-boarded with IoT Plug and Play and you can see the results of white labeling a solution and customizing a store layout.  Watch the sensors fire real telemetry data. Learn how easy it is to forward device data to business applications like Power BI where business decision makers can easily gain insights to improve business outcomes.


Next steps

Learn more about the new Azure IoT Central features. Check out our new report, “8 attributes of successful IoT solutions,”  for information on how to  ask the right questions when you are designing your systems to move successfully from proof of concept to production.

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