General Availability: Azure Sphere version 22.09 new and updated features
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The Azure Sphere 22.09 release includes the following components:

If your devices are connected to the internet, they will receive the updated OS from the cloud. To install the latest SDK, see the installation Quickstart for Windows or Linux:

Highlights in this release include a decrease in the cold boot time to connect-to-cloud for the OS, resulting in lower energy use; best practice guidance for remote troubleshooting, and optimized manufacturing scripts.


New and changed features in the 22.09 OS

The 22.09 release of the Azure Sphere OS includes the following changes:


Expanded Ethernet NIC support

Azure Sphere now supports the WIZnet W5500 10/100 Ethernet network interface adapter for internet-facing connections. This hardware part can increase performance and market availability for wired ethernet applications.


Security Protections for rollback attacks

As part of our defense-in-depth against rollback attacks, recovery and rollback to earlier versions of the Azure Sphere OS prior to 22.07 will be unavailable on devices that have already updated to the 22.09 release.


After a device updates to the 22.09 release, it will no longer be able to run a release of the Azure Sphere OS earlier than 22.07. This means that you will be unable to recover a device to an earlier release after it has received the 22.09 update. The 22.07 release will become the earliest release that can be installed on the device.


New and changed features in the 22.09 SDK

The 22.09 release of the Azure Sphere SDK includes the following changes:


Support for other CLI command output formats

Additional CLI commands now support JSON output. This output format makes it easier to script and automate against CLI output. See the supported output formats topic for a list of commands that currently support JSON output.


New and changed features in the 22.09 Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions

The 22.09 release of the Azure Sphere Visual Studio and Visual Studio code extensions includes the following changes:


Streamlined setup for real-time capable applications

The 22.09 Azure Sphere release provides a simpler setup process using vcpkg artifacts to bootstrap your development environment to build real-time capable applications. For more information, see Tutorial: Build a real-time capable application.


New and updated samples, code snippets, and Gallery projects

The 22.09 release of Azure Sphere includes the following changes to the samples, code snippets, and Gallery projects:


Self-help troubleshooting during app development

When locally connected to a device, you can use the azsphere get-support-data command to download a package of logs, errors, and status from an Azure Sphere device. The Parse Device Logs project shows how to convert binary log data into human-readable format to view system-logged events from the Azure Sphere OS.


Manufacturing Tools v1.0.0 release

Updated manufacturing tools enable customers to integrate device REST API commands, normally accessed via CLI, directly into their manufacturing applications in the form of Python PyPy and C# NuGet packages. A YAML OpenAPI definition is also provided, enabling customers to generate their own client libraries in a language of their choosing via tools such as AutoRest.


As these tools communicate directly with the REST API of attached Azure Sphere devices, many commands can see speed increases of up to 5x compared to scripting against azsphere CLI.


New Gallery project Azure-Sphere-Squirrel

The Azure Sphere Squirrel project demonstrates running a higher-level scripting language atop the MT3620 chip.


Known issues in the 22.09 release

When using the W5500 to connect to a wired network, if the network cable is unplugged, the interface might still be reported as being “up” by the CLI and through internal APIs. This will be fixed in a future OS release.


Fixed bugs and common vulnerabilities in the 22.09 release

The 22.09 release includes the following updates to mitigate against the following Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs):

  • wolfSSL CVE 2022-34293


More information

For more information on version 22.09, visit What’s new in 22.09.

For information on support options available or to provide product feedback, visit the Support page.

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