General Availability: Azure Sphere version 22.02
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The Azure Sphere 22.02 feature release is now available and includes the following components:

  • Updated Azure Sphere OS
  • Updated Azure Sphere SDK for Windows and for Linux
  • Updated Azure Sphere extensions for Visual Studio and for Visual Studio Code
  • Updated samples, code snippets, and gallery projects
  • Updated documentation

If your devices are connected to the internet, they will receive the updated OS from the cloud. You'll be prompted to install the updated SDK on next use, or you can install it now. To install the latest SDK, see the installation Quickstart for Windows or Linux:


New and changed features in the 22.02 OS

The 22.02 release of the Azure Sphere OS includes an upgrade to the Linux kernel (5.10.70), and support for DHCP release and renew.


DHCP release & renew

The Azure Sphere OS now supports DHCP release & renew through new APIs so that high-level apps can control their device IP leases.

The new DHCP sample demonstrates the use of these new APIs.


New and changed features in the 22.02 SDK

The 22.02 release of the Azure Sphere SDK includes support for Windows 11, updates to 64-bit time support, a change to the default logging behavior of the CLI, and an authentication library update to the CLI.


Support for Windows 11

Windows 11 is now supported for Azure Sphere development. If you're using Windows 11, install the 22.02 (or later) SDK.


64-bit Time Support

The 22.02 SDK release updates support for 64-bit time for high level apps. This update fixes unexpected behaviors introduced with support for 64-bit time in the 20.10 release.


Application code that makes no assumptions about the size of a time_t value is not affected. However, application code that explicitly or implicitly expects time_t to be 32-bit need to be rewritten to use time32_t instead.



To ensure your applications continue to work as expected after rebuild, check stack and heap usage, and binary size in your applications. They might grow, as time_t is now 8 bytes instead of 4.


See the C type time_t section of the Base APIs topic for more detailed information.



Configure Azure Sphere CLI logging

The Azure Sphere CLI no longer writes log files to the local disk by default. See Manage log files for details about how to enable and configure logging.


Azure Sphere CLI authentication migrated from ADAL to MSAL

The Azure Sphere CLI now uses the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) rather than the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL), which is being retired. There is no change in the usage of the Azure Sphere CLI as a result of the migration to MSAL, and no customer action is required.


The Azure Sphere Classic CLI still uses ADAL, but will be updated before the ADAL retirement date of June 30, 2022. We continue to recommend that you migrate to the new Azure Sphere CLI.


New and changed features in 22.02 for Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code extensions for Azure Sphere

An Azure Sphere extension for Visual Studio 2022 is now available in addition to the existing extension for Visual Studio 2019. The minimum supported version of Visual Studio 2019 is now 16.11.


The Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions for Azure Sphere now provide these capabilities:

  • Configure Wi-Fi in Azure Sphere Explorer.
  • View deployment history in Azure Sphere Explorer.
  • Open disassembly view in Visual Studio Code while debugging.


Configure Wi-Fi in Azure Sphere Explorer

You can now add Wi-Fi networks, connect to them, enable, or disable them, and forget them from the graphical interface of Azure Sphere Explorer.


View deployment history

You can now view all the deployments for a given device group using Azure Sphere Explorer, including the date and component ID of each deployment.


Open disassembly view while debugging

The disassembly view provides a low-level view of your native code and augments the usual step-through debugger. This change in the Visual Studio Code extension now provides the same disassembly experience as in Visual Studio.


New and updated samples, code snippets, and Gallery projects for 22.02

  • The new DHCP sample demonstrates how to use the new APIs to release or renew the IP address that a DHCP server has assigned to a device.
  • The DNS service discovery sample was updated to be more resilient to network disconnection.
  • The Inter-core communication sample was updated so that it does not show an additional dialog box when you open it with newer versions of Visual Studio.
  • The new Get Azure Sphere Device ID code snippet shows how to use the Azure Sphere API to get the device ID in a high-level application.
  • The new Industrial Device Controller project in the Azure Sphere Gallery demonstrates how to connect Azure Sphere to various downstream Modbus devices to gather real-time telemetry data.


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