Face your fears, learn new stuff, and push out on the edges with Azure Percept
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Several years ago, I decided to train for and run a Marathon

During the marathon, I hit the "wall" at mile 19. I thought I would never finish and started looking around for where an ambulance could pick me up.
A stranger ran beside me and helped me finish the race.
I am forever grateful to this stranger.
I now realize that there is a bunch of adventures and success just on the other side of fear and great failure.
I just needed to learn to overcome my fears, be myself and start my own journey.
I have now started my own business for Power BI consulting, and it feels like each week I am pushing into new unknown areas and taking new adventures and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with IoT devices, sustainability, and vision AI.


Fast Forward to 2021 : What fears did I face? 


  1. I had never used Azure IoT Hub or Stream Analytics before.  I knew I was going to fail but if I didn’t take action, I would never learn.
  2. I had never participated in a Hack event before, and this was a Microsoft Hack event, which is even more intimidating.  I decided to participate anyway as I wanted to take the journey and adventure into the unknown.
  3. Posting on LinkedIn about your adventures can be intimidating.  What if people don’t like your content?  Well, I took the risk, and WOW....check out what I have learned since first posting about the Azure Percept!

Here are the first three mini projects I put together and shared on LinkedIn as I am just starting my learning journey with the Azure Percept DK.
I am sure there will be many more. Happy Learning and Adventures await!


Could the Azure Percept DK be trained to recognize ASL "a" and "h" in under 30 minutes?  


Eoin Callan, PMP, MCT, MCSA, MBA thanks for the challenge. Here is the timeline : 

1) 10 minutes to find 15 images of "a" and tag them 
2) 10 minutes to find 15 images of "h" and tag them 
3) 10 minutes to train the model in customvision.ai 
4) Seconds to click and deploy on my #AzurePercept 
5) "aha" moment in GIF below!





This is UNREAL!!! A week ago I didn't know and American Sign Language.


Then I started "teaching" my Azure Percept DK to recognize signs.
An hour ago the Azure Percept device was teaching ME to sign!!!
Check out the 0:36 mark where the device is telling me how NOT to sign a "k" or "d"!





Can you combine AI and the Arts? I'm still pushing on the edges!


Check out this video....can you see it?  
I need help turning the bounding box width into Trombone sounds and the Mug/Kitchen Table Mug into a drum beat.  
Let me know if you can help turn this into reality! Logic Apps?, Stream Analytics?  
This video made possible by the Azure Percept Dev Kit! 




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