Empowering Organizations using Location Intelligence with Azure Maps
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The explosive growth of Big Data is a well-known challenge that all businesses are grappling with today. The challenge includes addressing how to harness it, store it and most importantly how to drive business value from it to drive competitive advantage. However, what is less well-known is the value of location data and the intelligence that geospatial analysis can provide businesses.



Having spent close to 20 years helping organizations solve business problems using Geospatial Analytics tools (I've been in Microsoft for 22years), I have finally found what I think is my dream gig: working with the Azure Maps team. I will be blogging here several times a week sharing interesting information around Azure Maps, Location Intelligence and most important interesting stories and use cases of how businesses solve challenges using Geospatial Analytics tools.


To begin, here are some interesting resources to get you started:

• Overview: https://azure.com/maps
• Documentation: https://aka.ms/AzureMapsDocs  
• Getting Started: https://aka.ms/AzureMapsGettingStarted  
• Code Samples: https://aka.ms/AzureMapsSamples  
• Videos: https://aka.ms/AzureMapsVideos  
• Blog: https://aka.ms/AzureMapsBlog  
• Developer Forums: https://aka.ms/AzureMapsForums  
• Case Studies: https://aka.ms/AzureMapsCaseStudies  
• Pricing: https://aka.ms/AzureMapsPricing  
• Azure Maps Feedback (UserVoice): https://aka.ms/AzureMapsFeedback  



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