Connecting IoT Devices to Azure leveraging LwM2M
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While relatively new, there is a tremendous growth opportunity in the industry for device builders, telecommunications companies, and cloud providers leveraging Low-Power-Wide-Area (LPWA) technologies. Microsoft has collaborated with several partners to provide end-to-end connectivity solutions for resource-constrained IoT devices, bridging the Lightweight Machine-to-Machine (LwM2M) protocol to the Azure IoT Central SaaS as well as Azure IoT Hub. These options offer great flexibility for solution builders.


Vodafone IoT Cloud Bridge


Working with Vodafone, Microsoft has developed device connectivity solutions to Azure IoT cloud services utilizing Vodafone’s new Business IoT Cloud Bridge. The integration developed between Azure and Vodafone enables an UDP-based endpoint that supports the LwM2M protocol. Vodafone Business IoT Cloud Bridge works by extending our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform to allow businesses to associate SIMs with an Azure application, such as IoT Hub or IoT Central. This provides businesses with one-step provisioning of devices, pairing them directly into Microsoft Azure IoT. From here, LwM2M device data is forwarded by Cloud Bridge for ingestion into the organization’s Azure application. This combines the benefits of device management from Azure and low power connectivity from Vodafone. Register your interest today.


Tartabit IoT Bridge for LwM2M


Microsoft has also expanded its offerings in LwM2M solutions with Tartabit LLC. The Cascade release introduces IoT Bridge for LwM2M which dramatically improves the integration methods for the industry’s most prolific LTE-M and NB-IoT devices. New solution templates are available to connect Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 modules, Azure RTOS, and the MonoZ development kit from Meritech expanding the list of “5 minute to wow” integration options for customers. The Tartabit IoT Bridge now supports direct integration to Microsoft Azure Log Analytics, Service Bus, Azure Data Explorer (Kusto), and Azure Digital Twins, joining our existing integrations to Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central, CosmosDB and Event Hub.


Friendly Technologies


Additionally, Friendly Technologies worked with Microsoft's Azure IoT product team and has completed the integration of the Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central. Friendly's One-IoT™ device management platform is classed as a carrier-grade IoT device management solution, connecting any IoT device - regardless of their protocols - to upstream Cloud applications.




Microsoft, STMicroelectronics, and our ecosystem partners have built a developer platform which removes many of the technical hurdles faced by device builders today. The developer platform is based on the STM32U5 Series of microcontrollers incorporating Arm TrustZone® technology with a hardware Root of Trust (RoT). The STM32U5 has been independently certified to PSA Level 3 and SESIP Level 3.


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To learn more about Microsoft’s investment into LPWA solutions and other cellular connectivity options for IoT devices, register and watch the Azure IoT Architect Summit and contact

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