Azure Sphere OS version 23.10 will not be generally released, next OS update is expected in March
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Updated 21 February 2024

During the evaluation period for 23.10, degraded functionality was discovered in certain constrained network environments which made devices slower to acquire authentication certificates. We therefore did not promote this release from the Retail Eval feed to the general Retail feed. We have subsequently root caused and fixed this issue.


The next release of Azure Sphere OS is expected in March 2024. This will include security updates rolled over from 23.10 as well as new security updates and bugfixes.


Updated 08 November  

We typically release Azure Sphere to Retail after a 14-day evaluation period for backward compatibility testing. We want to let you know that the 23.10 release has been delayed.  


Based on telemetry received during our retail-evaluation program, we are taking time to perform further investigation and testing to ensure that our OS and Service artifacts for this release meet our quality standards before shipping.   


Updated 25 October   

Azure Sphere OS version 23.10 is now available for evaluation in the Retail Eval feed. The retail evaluation period provides 14 days for backward compatibility testing. During this time, please verify that your applications and devices operate properly with this release before it is deployed broadly to devices in the Retail feed. The Retail feed will continue to deliver OS version 23.05 until we publish 23.10 in two weeks. 


The 23.10 release is a quality release for the OS and includes bug fixes and security updates. It does not include new OS features. 


For this release, the Azure Sphere OS contains an updated version of cURL. Azure Sphere OS provides long-term ABI compatibility, however the mechanisms of how cURL-multi operates, particularly with regard to recursive calls, have changed since the initial release of the Azure Sphere OS. Microsoft has performed additional engineering to provide backwards-compatibility to previously compiled applications to accommodate these changes. However, this is a special area of focus for compatibility release during this evaluation. If your application leverages cURL-multi (as indicated by the usage of the `curl_multi_add_handle ()` API) we would encourage you to perform additional testing against the 23.10 OS. These changes do not impact applications that use the cURL-easy interface (as indicated by the usage of `curl_easy_perform()` API.) 


Areas of special focus for compatibility testing with 23.10 include apps and functionality utilizing: 

  • cURL and cURL-multi 
  • wolfSSL, TLS-client and TLS-server 
  • Azure IoT, DPS, IoT Hub, IoT Central, Digital Twins, C SDK 
  • Mutual Authentication 

For more information on Azure Sphere OS feeds and setting up an evaluation device group, see Azure Sphere OS feeds and Set up devices for OS evaluation. 


For self-help inquiries or technical support, review the Azure Sphere support options. 

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