Azure RTOS 6.1.3 is now released
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This is our first release of Azure RTOS in 2021. The 6.1.3 patch release incorporates many updates, including new ThreadX ports to new microcontrollers and chips, addition of LwM2M and PTP to NetX Duo, updates to GUIX and more.


Azure RTOS is an embedded development suite including ThreadX, a small but powerful real-time operating system, as well as several libraries for connectivity, file system, user interfaces and all that’s needed to build optimized resource-constrained devices.


In continuous development, you can track the updates on GitHub in the Azure RTOS repositories.


New ThreadX ports

Our team delivers new features regularly responding to customers' needs and asks, and for this release brings ThreadX to more microcontrollers and chips with new ports to Renesas’s RXv2 for use on IAR, GNU and Xtensa XCC compilers and tools.

New module ports are also now available for Cortex A35 on AC6 workbench and GNU compiler, making ThreadX even more pervasive.

In addition to the new ports, we added new samples projects for Renesas RZ and RX development boards:


Bringing new protocols support in NetX Duo

NetX Duo is Azure RTOS’ advanced, industrial-grade TCP-IP network stack that also provides a rich set of protocols including security and cloud protocols.


In this release, the team added support for Lightweight M2M (LwM2M). The addition of this protocol allows for a seamless integration of IoT devices powered by Azure RTOS into solutions that have invested in LwM2M to connect, service and manage their devices.


Precision Time Protocol (PTP) has also been added to NetX Duo, giving the option to synchronize IoT devices clock at the sub-microsecond level on a local area network.


GUIX enhanced support for screen rotation

As mobile IoT Devices are becoming more sophisticated, they are also more often getting a graphical interface on a screen that will be used in changing orientations.


GUIX, the embedded graphical user interface library of Azure RTOS now supports screen rotation feature for 16bpp color and APIs for handling bi-directional text reordering.


GUIX Studio and TraceX now in the Windows Store

Finding, installing and keeping developer tools up to date is not always trivial. We added the GUIX Studio and TraceX tools to the Windows Store to make your life a little bit simpler.


You can now grab and install them from: and




For more details about improvements and bug fixes in this release, you can check the change log within repository of each Azure RTOS component:


If you encounter any bugs, have suggestions for new features, you can create issues on GitHub or post a question to Stack Overflow using the azure-rtos and the component tags such as threadx.



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