Azure Percept and beyond: How certification makes building IoT solutions easier
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So you’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Azure Percept and a whole lot of amazing Edge AI projects that have come from the developer community from it. But did you know that the Azure Percept is just one of over a thousand products that are Microsoft-approved to make the IoT solution building process easier? When building with Azure, the Azure Certified Device program makes device selection simple, helping solution builders get started faster and with less investment time by promoting high-performing devices such as Azure Percept.


What does “certified” mean?


An Azure Certified device has gone through standardized testing for connectivity to Azure that will ensure a high-quality performance when implementing IoT solutions. All Azure Certified devices have demonstrated successful connectivity to IoT Hub using the Device Provisioning Service (DPS) and produce compatible telemetry. Simply, any Azure Certified Device can connect to Azure services and successfully communicate information through the cloud.


The Azure Percept Devkit (DK), the pilot-ready kit with camera-enabled Azure Percept Vision, is one great example of a certified device. But the Azure Percept DK is not just an Azure Certified Device – it’s gone extra steps to prove that it can connect to Azure and use the IoT Edge runtime. This enables simple module deployment to run apps and containers like AI models at the edge, earning it an additional certification acknowledgement, known as the Edge Managed badge. By qualifying for this additional title, the Azure Percept DK has demonstrated that it is easy to set up and comes pre-installed with IoT Edge runtime, features that establish the Percept as an elite device for IoT solution building purposes. Learn more about Azure Percept here


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But wait – there’s more!


The Azure Percept DK is only one example of over a thousand devices that Microsoft partners have certified through this program to share with customers looking to optimize their IoT solution building journey. These devices vary from tiny MCUs and development kits, to sensors and edge gateways, all running on a varied set of operating systems, with a gamut of other capabilities geared toward customer need. All of these devices are easily found on the Azure Certified Device catalog, where customers can use the filter experience to find the perfect device for their solution.


Azure Percept signifies Microsoft’s entry into the beginning of a vast ecosystem of IoT partners that are using Azure to build great IoT solutions. With the Azure Certified logo, you can easily pick out devices like Azure Percept to work together with Microsoft services quickly and with confidence. You can even view and buy Azure Percept DK today from our catalog!




Next steps


Your IoT solution is only a couple clicks away from getting started! Whether it’s with Azure Percept DK or another Azure Certified Device, we hope to see you get building in Azure. For more information and on the certification program and capabilities of certified devices, visit our Microsoft Docs page.

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