integrating Github for Single Sign on with Azure AD

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hi folks,


i have been trying to integrate of Github for SSO with Azure AD.

i have configured  everything on Azure AD side as below -> 

Basic SAML Configuration
User Attributes & Claims
SAML Signing Certificate
Set up


i have also configured everything on Github --> SAML Single Sign On.

when i Test it from GitHub It successfully runs the test,

but when i try to Test it from Azure AD, it gives below Error:=>

"Sign-in succeeded, but 2 claims weren’t issued in the token. This can happen when there’s no value stored in the directory for the attribute. Please make sure the user has a value stored in the directory for the missing claims."


when i try to access 'github' app from '' it aks for uname/passwd for github account.


thanks & Regards


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I think you'd need to consider Azure AD B2C. This is a service in AAD to make SSO implementation easy via different protocols

Hope this helps!