What are required for Silverlight Application that requires Elevated trust
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First published on MSDN on Jul 17, 2013

For In-Browser and Out-Of-Browser (OOB) Silverlight application, there is an option "Require Elevated Trust" when you create and build Silverlight Application. This options requires the following:

1. set registry to allow Elevated Trust on clients' machine:

Key path for 32-bit computers:

Key path for 64-bit computers:

name: AllowElevatedTrustAppsInBrowser

Value: 1

2. Sign the xap with a valid code-signing certificate and publish it to the client's machine in "Trusted Publisher" store.

More Information please checkout this MSDN doc: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg192793(v=VS.95).aspx

Common symptoms without setting this correctly.

1. If AllowElevatedTrustAppsInBrowser is set to 0, OOB Silverlight Application cannot be launched, Silverlight runtime just exit during the initialization. There is no message box or error message.

2. If xap is not signed or the certificate is not publish to client's "Trusted Publisher" store, and if you are using AutomationFactory.CreateObject in your Silvelright Project (in both in-browser and OOB scenarios), you probably will get the error message "Error: This operation is not supported in the current context." and error does not occur if debugging from VS.net, it only happens after you deploy the app to IIS.

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