Missing net.tcp, net.pipe, net.msmq, and msmq.formatname bindings in IIS
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IIS uses bindings to redirect traffic to the corresponding web applications. These bindings depend on the listener adapters. The most common listener adapters (also known as “site binding types”) are httphttps, and ftp.


You may want to use other listener adapters such as net.tcpnet.pipenet.msmq, and msmq.formatname in some servers. If IIS is configured correctly, you should see all of these adapters in the “Add Site Binding” window:




What if you don’t see some of the binding types in this list?



If IIS doesn’t show one or more of the bindings I mentioned above, follow these steps:


Make sure to define these protocols in the “Advanced Settings” of the website (Reference)


Check if the features below are installed


Make sure the services below are running


Check if your application pool is using Integrated pipeline

Close IIS Manager, reset IIS, and open IIS Manager again

Check the listenerAdapters section in the applicationHost.config file. If you don’t see those listener adapters, add them manually:


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