Fixing a Corrupted Silverlight Installation
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First published on MSDN on May 10, 2013

Recently I have dealt with few cases where a Silverlight app keeps on crashing on few machines while it works fine on others regardless of browser versions.  As you can sense, this is likely a machine specific issue and something to do with the installed Silverlight runtime. The solution may seem easy, just uninstall via Control Panel and reinstall, yet the problem persists. The reason was that the regular uninstaller couldn't remove all the bits and pieces (filesystem, registry etc) of Silverlight runtime due to some corruption in filesystem or registry. If you are facing similar issue, here is a solution for you.

Good news is, we have an uninstaller that is designed to completely remove Silverlight from your machine. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download Fixit50747 msi from here ( if you are on Windows 8 , please follow this link instead)

  • Close all Browser windows. If your browser is running, you will get following message to close them:

  • Launch the msi, Agree to the terms and conditions and click Next:

  • Fixit will create a restore point should it needs to rollback itself:

  • Here on, the Silverlight removal is automatic. Once done, just Close the final window:

The above steps ensure a complete removal of Silverlight from your troubled machine. Now just browse to the Silverlight App,  a fresh new runtime will be installed for you automatically. Alternatively,  you can reinstall Silverlight by clicking here

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