Event ID:7022 - Net.MSmq, Net.Tcp and Net.Pipe "Start Pending /Automatic (Delayed Start)”
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Unable to start Net.MSmq, Net.Tcp and Net.Pipe services and found the below Event logs.

The Net.Pipe Listener Adapter service hung on starting\ The Net.Msmq Listener Adapter service hung on starting\The Net.Tcp Listener Adapter service hung on starting. 




Unable to start any dependency services and failing with Error: 1061.





Troubleshooting Steps:



Review the applicationHosts.config file at below path C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\applicationHosts.config. and check if net.tcp, net.pipe, net.msmq and msmq.formatname entries are missing from listenerAdapters tag and only see the below details.

   <add name="http" />






Modify the applicationHosts.config file as below.



     <add name="http" />





   <add name="http" />

   <add name="net.tcp" identity="S-1-5-80-3579033775-2824656752-1522793541-1960352512-462907086" />

   <add name="net.pipe" identity="S-1-5-80-2943419899-937267781-4189664001-1229628381-3982115073" />

   <add name="net.msmq" identity="S-1-5-80-89244771-1762554971-1007993102-348796144-2203111529" />

   <add name="msmq.formatname" identity="S-1-5-80-89244771-1762554971-1007993102-348796144-2203111529" />



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