A quick guide to publish Python SDK Azure Bots in App Service
Published Oct 22 2022 09:36 PM 6,446 Views

This article assumes that you already have created and published Python Bot using the link below:

Provision and publish a bot in Azure - Bot Service | Microsoft Learn


But you might end up facing some issues like below:

  • Container pythonbot_### didn't respond to HTTP pings on port: 8000, failing site start
  • Container pythonbot_### for site pythonbot has exited, failing site start
  • Failed to find attribute 'app' in 'app'.

Probable causes:

App Service configured as Messaging Endpoint could have been missing one or more of the following configurations:


  1. App Service --> Configuration --> Application Settings:
    1. MicrosoftAppId (Application Id of the App Registration)
    2. MicrosoftAppPassword (Secret of the App Registration if not ManagedIdentity type)
    3. SCM_DO_BUILD_DURING_DEPLOYMENT: true (build during deployment to true)

  2. App Service --> Configuration --> General Settings: You need to provide a startup command that will be run as part of container startup, you can use the following : 
    gunicorn --bind --worker-class aiohttp.worker.GunicornWebWorker --timeout 600 app:<APP​>




    Note : <APP> should be application's root file. By default it is APP is root file name. 

The following article talks in detail about startup command for Python in Azure App Service : 

Configure Linux Python apps - Azure App Service | Microsoft Learn

I hope this helps. 

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