Windows 365 Personalized experience for mobile clinicians
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Solving a use case: Personalize a full-blown desktop Windows 365 experience (endpoint + cloud pc) for mobile clinicians


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This is a high-level business overview of the solution presented to solve this use case. If you’re looking for technical guidance, we made this Available How-to document for Windows 365 unified experience (endpoint + cloud pc) desktop-client.



Business layout

In the world of Healthcare, Life and Science (HLS) region, clinicians often need to have access to multiple organizations, hospitals, branches, or clinics. The user persona could fall under a regular employee, vendor, contractor, or a consultant (e.g., doctors, nurses, mobile clinicians overall). The endpoint needs to have mobility, it cannot be static, it needs to dynamically adapt to different environments and be user-friendly. Each organization has their own security layout with different baselines and policies to stay in compliance with the company’s requirements. The overall experience demands simplicity and fast mobility, enablement of user productivity and modern management.


How can an organization align their endpoint strategy and unify the experience (endpoint + cloud pc) using Microsoft vision?


  • Business use case: knowledge workers and intelligent workers.
  • Business criteria: multiple corporate owned devices (laptops) used for each organization, multiple logins, sometimes even limited access. Travel within hospitals and clinics to access organizational resources.
  • Expected outcome: The goal is to have a seamless unified experience (endpoint + cloud pc), enable a fast login experience, and leverage modern management positioned for hybrid modern work.


Proposed Solution

Based on business objectives, we will focus on building a one-time experience between the physical (endpoint) and virtual (cloud pc) device, presented to the user to make it feel act as single unified experience. Where the device is personalized to the user, giving them freedom of authentication options (e.g., Windows Hello for Business, fingerprint, face recognition or FIDO security keys, Passwordless) to help pass the token from the physical device to the virtual device, less authentication prompts and a locked down secure experience in a windows ecosystem. Also, the user will be able to map and connect multiple organizations (e.g., hospitals, clinics) and access their resources from the same device. The unified experience (endpoint + cloud pc) is controlled and managed by Microsoft Endpoint Manager.




User Experience

Here’s the captured unified experience (endpoint + cloud pc) when the user login with his Azure AD credentials against a managed Windows Surface endpoint (Intune) using FIDO security key fingerprint authentication, then the token is used against the Remote Desktop application to authenticate against the Cloud PC resource (no password is used) and finally login to his Windows 365 ecosystem.



Future Windows 365 Development

How is this unified experience different from the new Windows 365 BootToCloud experience that’s currently in roadmap for development? The answer is simple; if you have a business use case today where you need to unify the experience for a user between (endpoint + cloud pc) this is one way to do it. In the future there will be a more seamless experience baked between (endpoint + cloud pc) to feel as a single device, if you want to learn more about #bootToCloud PC, follow this link below.


Windows 365 BootToCloud integration into Windows 11 demonstrated - YouTube



We worked so much on this business scenario to make this experience available to our customers and partners and give them freedom of access whether they plan to implement this today or in the future. Windows 365 accelerates onboarding and offboarding lifecycles, promotes user productivity without sacrificing security and more importantly it empowers hybrid digital workspace transformation.



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