Who doesn't like FREE Power BI Training?
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I would contend that training helps with adoption AND it can be a powerful instrument for evangelizing and envisioning too!  


  1. Start by attending our FREE Power BI Trainings for Business Users (it's good for managers, IT, and Admins too) - What is Power BI all about?  How can business users successfully navigate Power BI reports, dashboards, and apps?  Don't try to memorize everything, just internalize it and think about where you could find value if you digitally transformed an old process.  Think "modernization".  We'll help you get there.  Check out the link below for training options.
  2. Next for you analysts, let's get you into a FREE Power BI Dashboard in a Day workshop.  See your Microsoft account team.  We can help find free resources globally.  Need a custom or dedicated workshop?  We can help with that too!
  3. Now build and share!  Create a Center of Excellence and celebrate your impact, show-and-tell, and teach others.  

Learn more about Free Power BI Training from Guy in a Cube 


Have questions?  Your Microsoft account team is always a great place to start or share your comments with me and I'll help get you the direction you need.

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