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middayviva.png  Yesterday was a bit frantic with meetings/presentations and double/triple booking so I apologize that this is getting posted a day late but here it is, Viva Learning.

In this MidDay Café – Viva edition I cover:

  • The Microsoft Viva Suite at a glance
  • What is the Microsoft Viva Learning module?
  • Demonstrations of Learning
    • LMS Integration
    • API Integration
    • Custom Just In Time Learning
    • Sharing
    • Resources
    • Next Steps

Additionally, following the resources I compiled there is a short article, written by Microsoft Bing Generative AI for this post covering Viva Learning use cases, benefits, as well as a few resource links it used to compile the article. Learn how to leverage Bing Generative AI here.



* The following is information on Viva Learning, use cases and benefits, written by Microsoft Bing Generative AI in the Edge Browser.Learn how to leverage Bing Generative AI here.

Microsoft Viva Learning: A New Way to Learn in the Flow of Work

Learning is essential for personal and professional growth, but finding time and resources to learn can be challenging. That's why Microsoft has introduced Viva Learning, a new employee experience platform that brings learning into the flow of work within Microsoft Teams.

Viva Learning enables employees to discover, share, and prioritize learning from a variety of sources, including Microsoft Learn, LinkedIn Learning, third-party providers, learning management systems (LMS), and organization-specific content. Employees can access Viva Learning from their Teams app bar or from a dedicated tab in any Teams channel. They can also get personalized learning suggestions based on their interests and roles.

With Viva Learning, employees can:

- Browse and search for courses from multiple sources in one place

- Play courses in an embedded player without leaving Teams

- Bookmark courses for later or add them to their Outlook calendar

- Share courses with colleagues or groups via chat or channel messages

- Recommend courses to others and track completion status

- Organize custom collections of courses in Teams tabs

- View and track assignments from connected LMS

Viva Learning also helps managers and leaders foster a culture of learning in their teams and organizations. They can:

- Feature learning content for the whole organization in the Viva Learning Home view

- Recommend learning content to individuals or teams and monitor progress

- Align learning goals with business objectives and performance reviews

- Use data and insights to measure learning impact and engagement

Viva Learning is part of Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform designed to help people connect, focus, learn, and thrive at work. Viva Learning is included in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans for enterprise with some content already available. To connect additional learning sources and enable premium features such as LMS integration and course recommendations, you'll need a Viva Learning license that costs $4 per user per month.

To get started with Viva Learning, you'll need:

- A Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription that includes Teams

- A Microsoft Teams admin role to enable Viva Learning app for your organization

- A knowledge admin role to manage your organization's learning content sources through the Microsoft 365 admin center

To learn more about Viva Learning, check out these resources:

- Employee Learning and Training | Microsoft Viva (

- Overview of Microsoft Viva Learning | Microsoft Learn (

- Introduction to Microsoft Viva Learning | Microsoft Learn ( “

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