Unlocking Value and Accelerating GenAI Implementation - Intelligent App Chronicles Webinar
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GenAI is transforming organizations and will have a profound impact on all departments. This cutting-edge technology brings unparalleled value and productivity by enhancing existing applications and sparking new innovative opportunities. By seamlessly blending data and human-like reasoning, GenAI has the power to streamline common tasks, elevate business processes, enhance customer experiences, and foster human creativity. The possibilities for innovation and growth are boundless.


Join Microsoft and InCycle for a deep dive into harnessing the power of GenAI to prioritize use cases, navigate strategic paths, and overcome common challenges for a swift and successful implementation. This event is perfect for those embarking on their GenAI journey or aiming for enterprise adoption, as we unveil the secrets to accelerating your AI aspirations while aligning with your business objectives, corporate standards, and security requirements.


Note: The slide deck is available at the bottom of the post.



  • Discover the Transformational Power of GenAI
  • Explore Use Cases in Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Navigate Implementation Hurdles with Proven Strategies
  • Platform Engineering & 5 Essential Elements for Successful GenAI Adoption
  • Strategic Approaches to Architecting GenAI Solutions
  • Getting started with GenAI


For this session we are excited to host InCycle Software to cover an important topic. Reach the presenters via their LinkedIn profiles or via their website  https://www.incyclesoftware.com/contact 




Chris Leebelt (Director, Professional Services) Chris Leebelt | LinkedIn 






Alex Turner (Vice President Solution Architecture) Alex Turner | LinkedIn


Intelligent App Chronicles for Healthcare

The Intelligent App Chronicles for Healthcare is a webinar series designed to provide health and life sciences companies with a comprehensive guide to building intelligent healthcare applications.


The series will cover a wide range of topics including Azure Container Services, Azure AI Services, Azure Integration Services, and innovative solutions that can accelerate your Intelligent app journey. By attending these webinars, you will learn how to leverage the power of intelligent systems to build scalable and secure healthcare solutions that can transform the way you deliver care.


Our hosts will be: Shelly (Finch) AveryMatthew Anderson, Rob McKenna & Adam Workman


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and take your healthcare applications to the next level. Register now for the Intelligent App Chronicles for Healthcare webinar series, here!


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