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During a customer onsite today, we discussed some of the different ways to deliver a Microsoft Live Event to increase internal employee engagement. There are three primary ways to engage customers in a Live Event. The first is directly through Microsoft Stream which provides a rich set of options around presentation, encoders, etc.. The second method using Microsoft Teams provides the simplest and quickest path to delivering rich, multi-presenter capable, webcasts. Finally, Live Events can also be instantiated within the context of a Yammer Group for large corporate broadcasts with built in Yammer interactions.

I promised the customer when I left them that I would provide documentation and step by step training around how to deliver using each of these methods. The following is that documentation and I thought I might share here as well.

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Microsoft Live Events Resources:


Thanks. A lot of work is however still needed on this. As a user, it is not intuitive how to Livestream on for example Yammer. Should we use MS Stream and embed it in Yammer? When using the Live stream preview in Yammer, (Wich only works on 365 connected Groups), I get redirected to Teams. Do all my users need Teams for this? We have not activated Teams yet for the whole company. When using Stream, the user gets a login/register window even if we have activated Stream and the user is logged in on 365. Also, the video embedding does not work on mobile platforms (Yammer app for example). Not for streaming nor users to watch. How can my colleagues participate in the discussion and how? There are now several different places to comment content live and offline. I would like to see an real example of a company using this flawlessly.

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Thank you for the write up Mike.  Which of these options offers the web-only public facing user experience similar to the user experience in Skype Meeting Broadcast?


Hi @Ulf Lundqvist 

A couple of things to address your concerns/questions.

  • In regards to the Live Events in Yammer it is still in preview. The experience of being forced out in to Teams is only there today when choosing the option to use Teams (if you use external encoder today that does not occur). When out of preview the experience will be consistent in user not being taken outside to Teams. As far as needing Teams client today users today could use web UI 
  • Looking through the rest of what you brought up it appears it is primarily the Teams as Encoder for Yammer Live Events issue. Again this in in preview and the experience will not be what you are seeing at release/general availability. What I would recommend right now is for Yammer events leveraging Live Events streaming use the External Encoder option. That will provide the seamless user experience you are looking for. You will need either a software encoder or hardware appliance like a Tricaster but you could begin your testing using OBS which is free to download (actually what I use on my own PC. Right now I am out of state for my fathers funeral so am not able to create a video showing how to set that up but when I return next week I will try and get one done here and post it either Monday or Tuesday.

Hi @David Phillips  

Right the only option to do the Skype Meeting Broadcast external facing broadcast is to do a Teams Live Meeting (please note that must be enabled by your org). That is what I am using to deliver next weeks SharePoint Week virtual conference 

Hope that helps

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When I try to create an event in Yammer it redirects me to Teams then gives me the following error: 

You do not have license to create a live event.

Contact your IT admin.

I'm the IT admin.  I obviously don't know how to enable this.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


Hi @Tony Derricott 

These two resource links should give you everything you need.

Please note that the Teams Live Events is still preview so if using Teams (quick start) to deliver within Yammer it will still break you out to a Teams experience.

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Thanks, @Mike Gannotti.  Finally found there that it requires A3 or above.  We're still on A1.

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Can I use this MS team live event to host webinar with M365 business licence? does my presenters also need to be Licence user , how can i ask my external presenter to speak live and present 


@AC_LCI There is a comprehensive overview as to who can attend, present, and broadcast, here  

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