Microsoft Viva Connections Immersive Virtual Tours for Clinicians and More
Published Jul 06 2022 08:01 AM 2,551 Views

Screenshot 2022-07-06 105550.pngIn order to optimize care delivery many providers find themselves moving clinicians from facility to facility.

In this video “Dr. G.” shows how immersive, 360-degree imagery, easily created with off the shelf consumer devices, can deliver a virtual reality tour of any facility. In this way clinicians, and others, can experience various facilities securely from their phones, computers, and even VR/AR (virtual reality/augmented reality) headsets like the Microsoft Hololens.

Virtual tours, rendered through Microsoft Viva Connections, can introduce users to physical environments complete with contextual learning media that includes: text, images, audio, video, files, and more. All this is done using technology Microsoft customers own today and can be easily implemented using consumer grade 360’ cams from companies like Insta360, Ricoh, GoPro, and others.

Microsoft Services/Technology shown in this video:


Have questions? Want to get started building virtual tours in SharePoint Spaces to add to your Microsoft Viva Connections instance? Contact your Microsoft Account Team and get started today.

The setup of the Viva Learning Environment in this demo was set up by Jim Warner and Michael Gannotti

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